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Logos from YAWEH#1

Like Martha, we may find ourselves striving in our faith walk. We may have unintentionally subscribed to a brand called performance-driven Christianity. We subconsciously buy into the idea that we can earn God’s approval. We may believe that we’re working hard for God’s kingdom, when in reality our ministry has become more important than the Messiah. ( Reference:Finding Rest in A Busy World by Susan Narjala)


After reading today’s Word (Logos in Greek), this question struck me…

Nowadays, I found myself in the middle of things were my journey becomes overwhelming at times. Getting up early at 3AM to prepare, be on the road before 430AM, a routine from Monday-Friday, is EXHAUSTING. Sometimes, I forgot that I have to be still in God’s presence…is it the thought that in my early years as Christian I have went into deep in studying God’s word that now without realizing it that I’am slowing down in my walk with God. That even when I have a ministry, am I teaching just out of.obligation or am I teaching out of my love for.Jesus? Am I teaching out of stuck knowledge for 26 years of studying God’s word or out of what is the Lord through the Holy Spirit is leading me to teach/share?

Thoughts to Ponder:

Am I a Performance Driven Christian or a Purpose Driven Christian?


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We do not have to live in regret. God gives us His Spirit to enable us to make right and wise choices. He urges us, guides and leads us, but we still have to decide. Forming new habits and asking the Holy Spirit to have a mind of Christ will require making a decision to not do what you feel like doing unless it agrees with God’s will.

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!”
2 Corinthians 5:17 NIV

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Dreaming of a balls of fire from heaven…

Just woke-up from a dream…

In my dream, I saw my mother-in-law calling us out (nanay, jon, daniel and I) to look up the skies…
As we look up the skies, it was raining with balls of fire…i thought of my othee son David who was not with us, and prayed for him that God will bring him to safety.. then jonathan told me to surrender our parents to our Lord (i dunno why, but it reminded me of rapture and revelations)…when suddenly I saw nanay, daniel and i think my mom-in-law collapsed as if there soul just drift out of there bodies..i was rattled when i turn to my son Daniel, when all of a sudden I felt myself collapsing and my soul is drifting out of my physical body…
then I woke-up from that dream and pray about …

Dear Holy Spirit, what are you trying to say?

What it is Lord?

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Say Thank You

Take time today to remember the mighty things God has done for you. Praise Him and commit to Him that you will never forget the amazing things He has done for you.

So today, I say to God – “Good morning and thank you Abba Father for always be there for me. Thank you for waking me up alive and well. Thank for providing for my needs and wants as well. Thank you for giving me family to love and to share the blessings that you are giving me. And thank you, thank you and thank you.”


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Honor thy Parents

When you hear the word “honor,” what comes to your mind?

What does honor mean? The hebrew word for honor is “Kabed”, which means treating one’s parents with the gravity that their position. Honoring our parents through speech and actions.

It is the fifth commandment, to honor our parents is therefore basic to all other social relationships and is the foundation for decent human society.

So, if you want to live long and see every are of your life go well, then honor your mother and father.